Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moss Terrariums

As someone who loves plants but unfortunately suffers from having a black thumb (I manage to kill even cacti -sob-), I'm always looking out for plants that are hard to kill. I bought at the market the other day a little tray that came with 5 types of succulents. I have managed, to my surprise, to keep 3 out of the 5 still alive! It's been more than 6 months so I think I can bask in my success.
Lately, I've discovered moss. It's super easy to take care of and is green and fluffy, I love it.

Looking on Etsy, there are all sorts of cute terrariums in all shapes and sizes. All you need for these moss terrariums are sunlight and a few drops of water about once a week. How great is that??

These are my favorites:

Steamed Glass Studio makes his terrariums out of light bulbs (hooray for reusing!) and uses copper to make the stands and add lovely accents to the pieces. Prices range from $35 t0 $200.

Moss Terrariums makes terrariums in vases and cute little jars. They also have terrariums with ferns in them that are gorgeous but still easy to care for. Prices from $12 to $73.

If you prefer more whimsical designs, Betty's Fantasy adds all sorts of teeny houses and critters to her terrariums. They even sell just the accessories, if you would prefer to make your own. Only thing I don't like is that the moss isn't really living, it's supposed to be like "taxidermy moss". Prices from $19 to $72.

Well, since we're on the subject of terrariums... I thought I would include these succulent terrariums from Stilllily since they're so pretty. You can hang them or place them on a flat surface. I would love one in my apartment since the ceilings are really high and I don't have to worry about anyone hitting their head D: Prices from $35 to $120.

Lastly, since I'm already on a tangent anyway, there are these amazingly adorable teeny fake terrarium necklaces by Woodland Belle. Behold! Price for the necklaces is $45.

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