Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Micro Cars

One day, when I am rich, I will own a collection of micro cars. Every rich person has some wacky expensive hobby, and this will be mine. I love them. I love their cute bubble shapes and the crazy colors you can paint them and how extremely cool you look driving them. Like this dude:

It all started with my dream to own a Fiat 500, then my dear boyfriend then introduced me to the OLD Fiat 500 (which is about 100000 times cuter). There's just something about a tiny car shaped like an egg with big windows that makes me squeal like the little girl I am. With that, I started looking at other small cars that were made in the 50's, and there are so many I never imagined they used to be so popular. It makes me sad you see hardly any these days, though I would be kind of scared to drive around with all those full-sized SUV out on the road.

I picked through an extensive collection and these few are my favorites.

Enjoy my future collection of micro cars ;)

I just have to share just one more.

A mini police car!! Can you imagine a big angry German police officer trying to pull you over in one of these? I think I would die from laughing.

Oh yeah. Top gear has a feature on the smallest micro car in the world, the Peel P50. It's hilarious.

Photo credits: Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum
Video credit: Top Gear

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