Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little Cottage Gets A Makeover

The folks at Country Home took an old cottage in Des Moines and gave it a much needed transformation using re-purposed items and eco-friendly materials. It came out super duper cute. The cottage is only 975 sq. ft. so smaller furniture was used to fit the space better. The plain white walls let the playful colors stand out without being overpowering.
Love the mismatching patterns and fresh colors in the living room, which along with the natural fabrics give the place a cozy, relaxed look.

The dining room and living room are combined so the round table allows traffic to flow in the small space.
Vintage runners are used in place of a tablecloth and match the color scheme in the living area.

The small kitchen looks bright and open without overhead cabinets and the
turquoise color, which is used throughout the home makes a lovely contrast with the white cabinets and wood floors.

The corkboard with the shutters framing it looks so interesting and adds a ton of personality to an otherwise boring workspace.

This is my absolute favorite, the colors are just perfect. A cute yellow dotted shower curtain tones down the classic look of the bathroom, and the sliding doors look really romantic but don't take up a lot of space.

It's rooms like this that make me wish I had an attic. The mix of patterns is crazy but still works in this small space.

Original article: Country Home

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