Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tokidoki and Onitsuka Tiger!

I have a unhealthy compulsion to buy cool sneakers. That would be okay if I actually wore them, but I like to just have them and look at them in my closet. It's stupid and irresponsible, but hard to resist. I feel that urge creeping up again now that the last bunch of Tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are almost out (November 1st!!).

The Seck Quartz Lo is love right now. And I really want to convince myself that I will wear it if I get it but I know it's a sick trick of my mind to get me to go crazy and spend a silly amount of money on a pair of sneakers! I guess it's lucky for me that it'll only be available in a few select stores in LA, SF, and NY. Wish I still lived in LA...

You can find them on the Asics website which also has some cute wallpapers available for downloading.

Photo credits: Tokidoki | Asics
Found via: Tokidoki Blog

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