Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ANDREA Super Plant-Powered Air Filter

Plants are cool, but they don't really do much in your house other than just sit there and absorb carbon dioxide and put out small amounts of oxygen.Well two inventors figured out how to take that useful quality of plants and supercharge it by insane amounts. Called the Andrea Air Filter, it uses the natural air purifying abilities of plants and pairs it with a very simple concept to greatly improve the abilities of the plants.

According to their site, their plant assisted air purifier improves the air filtration efficiency of plants by hundreds of times. Andrea improves the efficiency of formaldehyde removal from the air relative to plants alone by 360%, and 4400% in relation to HEPA or carbon filters. Uh, wow. Also apparently the rate of gas removal (doesn't say which gas, hehe) by Andrea is 1000% more efficient than in relation to plants. (See results of tests here.

It works with a fan that pulls the polluted air in through where the plant is. Then it uses a multi-stage system to purify the air that involves the natural plant filtration, soil and water. Then the same fan propels the clean air out through the back of the system. What's great is that the pollutants are actually metabolized by the plant rather than just collecting on a magnetic plate because then they are actually gotten rid of.

I like that you can put any plant you want in there so it's up to you, and that it looks really interesting, definitely a conversation piece for anyone that comes over for the first time. It's $200 but I saw it on Amazon for $173. Yeah I know, still expensive but you know... it's your health and stuff...

Photo credits: Andrea
Found via: Inhabitat

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