Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bento = Really Awesome Packed Lunch

I'm on a Japan kick right now. Well actually I'm always on a Japan kick but lately I can't stop looking at novelty Japanese items, which is how I happened upon Bento & Co.

Bento & Co. has bento and accessories for all tastes. They even sell a nifty book from that teaches you how to make stunning bento arrangements so everyone will think you're some amazing artsy chef.

I love bento. They are compact and easy to carry around. They're better for the environment than that stinky brown paper bag and plastic-wrapped sandwich. They're healthier for you since you cook the food yourself, not buy something factory processed. They save you money so you don't have to keep buying resealable bags for your sandwich and paper bags for your lunch. Last of all they're pretty! I saw on TV that in kindergartens in Japan the teachers get upset at the parents if they don't prepare nice-looking bento for the kids because then the kids don't really wanna eat something that looks like crap. Haha.

For those who prefer food that is almost too cute to eat, I also found this recipe book "Yum-Yum Bento Box" on Plasticland.

Photo credits: Bento & Co. | Just Bento | Plasticland

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